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Thumbs up I got on the radio with Dave Navarro Mon!

I had local LA FM talk radio station KLSX on last night and was surprised to hear guest host Dave Navarro, mostly talking about non music stuff, like Bush, relationships, sex, etc.. He was quite good I thought, intelligent and well spoken, not just some "hey dude" guitar dummy. So I decided to call him up...after several busy signals I got through, the screener Christa of course had never heard of GH so I repeated how great he was several times....Meanwhile, I'm driving down the freeway in a heavy down pour driving with my knees while holding my phone in my left hand, and searching for Soul Mover on the seat on my right...Ok cued it up to the solo...Then I was put through and I began plugging Soul Mover, Glenn and cranking up the song SM with the solo!!! Navarro said it was great working with GH and agreed with me that he is more than hard rock when I mentioned it's soul, funk and randb music also....It was fun...sorry no recordings...unless there's a DN fan site like this one.

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