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Better late than never...

Today was "Trapeze Day" for me (still catching up with all the albums of Glenn Hughes). I was listening to "Medusa", "You Are The Music...We're Just The Band" and "On The Highwire".

The last one sounded very authentic and put me back in time straight away. Unfortunately the sound quality was a bit odd but I enjoyed the atmosphere of that double-cd-pack. The other two are just fantastic, don't know which one to prefer, maybe Medusa a bit more. That title song is just a freakin' blast! No surprise it made it on BCC 1, I really love it! And - I'm also loving "Seafull" a lot. I've just seen that Glenn was singing this beautiful song in combination with "Beyond the Numb" on "Freak Flag Flyin' Live In The UK 2003", so for me that's the next album on my list. Followed by "Soulfully Live in the City of Angels"...
But - no question - "What Is A Woman's Role" is also a real beauty full of soul!

All in all I was pretty surprised by the Funk & Soul influences in the Rock songs of Trapeze, just great, definitely my thing. To me some songs reminded me a bit of James Brown, Doobie Brothers (just one or two songs) and Mother's Finest who I heard a lot a long time ago. Gheee...that style of music brought back some memories...

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