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Originally Posted by danielb View Post
But it's increased live too compared to the 90s. He sings a bit differently these days. You will notice it on the BCC albums. More 'forced' singing if that makes sense, whereas the 90s saw a smoother and more melodic Glenn. Thinking of albums like Feel, The Way It Is and my favorite Play Me Out (even if that was from the 70s). Now it's pretty much full on all the time. I miss the light and shade.

You do have a great point . I love everything but songs like Satellite, Mean that Much to You, and Take You Down we need more of. The other day I had on Too Far Gone and I hadnt heard it I awhile , and it was like holy cow , this is awesome! Funny , last week GH tweeted about Rain on Me and I drove to a gig in the rain with that song on, that was cool!
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