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Originally Posted by tmc344 View Post
It's quite simple.
Replace Joe with an other guitarplayer.
I always thought that Joe didn't fit in.
On the first one he shared some vocals with Glenn and had his own track. But on the second one he was mainly the guitarplayer.
And to me his guitarwork isn't that spectacular.

It's obvious that Joe's solo career gets his first attention.
Very understandable, but if BCC wants to go to a higher level they have to tour more and that's impossible with Joe.

Well it is for certain that they have hurt themselves by not jumping on the early success of the two albums. They really seemed poised to take it to that higher level and you could just feel the air coming out of it with the lack of live shows.

I have to vehemently disagree with you about Joe though. I've seen him live 8 times now and he is spectacular! He is also a damned good songwriter in his own right and certainly played a big role on both albums. He has two songs on BCC 2, Hadrian's Wall and Ordinary Son so I don't see that either.

All that said, they must tour more and put in the time, and I don't think anyone disagrees with this.
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