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Now the barbs are a flying!

I think that it would do good for Glenn to perhaps say something here. There is certainly evidence in certain directions. But without hearing what is really going on we are speculating to some degree.

I am also a big fan of Joe's music. It really is great stuff for those of you that don't know. I do however think that he is/has made a HUGE mistake here if its what it appears to be. I truly think that if they had put in the time and really toured both records that this band would be on a whole other level right now.

There are sure things in life and you have to seize the moment. When you don't you miss it all.

I also believe that Glenn has a plan in place and its not about going backwards to what was before. He has made that clear. So there will be no rehashing something he has done in the past. I also think that it may involve at least one if not more members of BCC. Just a gut feeling here.
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