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Captain! What an insightful post that was. As a general book about rock's dark side I'd add Gary Herman's Rock n Roll Baylon which you can still get second hand online. I wish someone could update it and put it out as a later edition. Anyhow that's by the by.

I have also had the priviledge of hearing Glenn chat so openly about his past in person. I would love to get involved with a DVD or even an audio book. Just being able to imbibe those anecdotes and hair curling (if I had any) moments would be a great honour. I am sure there are many of us who feel the same.

What I like about Glenn's life story is its deep integrity. We have heard the well told tales from other "rock stars" about peoples' hair being set on fire and how we laughed. Sadly this has almost branded some of our major icons with images they could have done without. But Glenn is NOT trying to play the clown prince of rock. Yes he is a very witty man with a quick sense of sardonic humour. But he knows when to turn that off too.

Photographer, Ross Halfin famously said "never meet your icons." I am sorry Ross but you didn't meet this one. Since I first set foot in that auditorium in 1976 I'd always wanted to meet this guy and chat to him about what it was like playing in world's best band at the time (ok Chuck I mean Trapeze of course ) I have often said on this forum and previous versions of it that this life needs to be shared with the world and this is about to happen.
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