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Arrow Fan Forum Upgrade - DONE!

This weekend we will be upgrading the Fan Forum to the latest revision.

The upgrade will take place on Sunday, December 11th, 2005 at 5:00PM EST / 2:00PM PST / 10:00PM GMT - the Fan Forum will be unavailable for up to 2 hours during that time.

Once the upgrade is complete and depending on your web browser and it's setttings, you may find yourself logged out. If this is the case for you, then simply login again using your Username & Password and if unchecked, select the "Remember Me" option, so that you won't have to do it again.

It's a fairly sizeable update from our standpoint, with only a couple of subtle differences on your side. Over the coming months you'll see more significant changes with some cool added features and enhancements. This upgrade prepares us for those fun things!

The most obvious change after this update from your end, is when it comes to posting and editing your messages. See the 4 screenshot examples below.

Firstly, here you see the arrow showing the new Spell Checker option that is currently only available to Windows PC Internet Explorer users - it offers you the option to install a built-in spell checker. The up/down arrows next to that allow you to increase/decrease the message dialog box for those times your have a larger message to type.

Secondly, this dialog is shown when you go to "Edit" an existing message that you have posted. So rather than initially being taken to a full new editing page, this dialog will be displayed within the same page as the original posting. Should you want to use smilies or other editing tools, you can select the "Go Advanced" button and it will take you to the full editing page.

One other addition includes the integration of the popular communication program Skype.

You can now enter your Skype name into your user profile and contact other users using Skype.

These slight differences will become a lot clearer once you see them for yourself!

So, as you can see just a couple of minor changes on the front end with more to follow over the coming months.

Once the upgrade is done, we'll post here to let you know things are back up & running!

See you on the other side

David & Shirean
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