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Also, there is a massive 9 page (including pics) feature on Burn. A great pic of Glenn on page 54. They have talked to DC IP and GH. Some great quotes - DC would have sung Child in Time but the others wanted to move on. I was expecting "Irish Paul" to have it all scanned up on here by now

There is a separate review by Geoff Barton of the Reissue of Burn. It gets 5 stars. The reason for the delay of the reissue could be that Geoff's promotional copy had "39th Anniversary" embossed on the front

There is also a feature on the 20 most underated albums of all time. Burn is in it.

According to a DP site (i cant remember which) DP mk3 would have made the front cover of the mag but got bumped off by Velvet Revolver at the last minute.

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