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Icon34 Classic Rock review of SLITCOA

The new issue of Classic Rock has a review of the new cd only. I guess like me their copy of the Dvd is in the post.

Given the workaholic flow of releases and live work since the turn of the century (which Glenn himself would be the first to admit represents the classic overdrive of the reformed addict), this live double release may seem a little unnecessary.
Fortunately, the quality control is high and although Hughes inevitably and rightly acknowledges the past, he keeps the strongest parts of his recent output firmly in focus.
The VOR himself is in typically ebullient form and has two specialist backing singers to make sure the vocal arrangements of the studio versions are successfully reproduced. High points include a powerful reading of “Written all over your face� from last years SITKOR album and a thumping take on DP’s Getting Tighter from the still underrated CTTB. And Glenn, never low on confidence, pulls off the Coverdale era anthem “Mistreated�. He played on it and co-wrote it, so why the hell not, he probably thought.
Glenn devotees will lap this up, but the casually curious can proceed with confidence too.

Yes, the usual three stars.

"It's in my blood"
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