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I bought Welcome To The Real World a few years back and reviewed it on Amazon. There were several things that need to be considered when making a critique of the preformance that night at the Borderline. The guys had little if any rehearsal time together, booking clubs on such short notice was nearly impossible and I think they had done maybe 3 shows together before the May 16,1992 performance..which Geoff Downes happened to tape without any view of actually releasing it.

Sure, Mel does struggle and the lack of rehearsal means that the guys had to rely on their chemistry to make it work. It is the spirit and not the letter of the performance that makes it a worthy purchase. I listened to it the other day and had to smile. I meant it when I wrote that review and I still feel the same was "three old friends having a blast!"

Yours In The Funk
Bill Redford
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