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I hope hat many of these don't retire before 1 last show in the UK as there are many greats I haven't yet seen live and being a younger classic rock fan have missed so much of the live scene. Over on facebook we've been busy listign 50 bands who we have een live and at first I thought I would struggle to get 50, retty soon I was kicking myself that i hadn;t listed so many others I've seen. Would love to see Fleetwood Mac, BOC, Lynard Skynyrd, Gary Moore from thsoe listed above who I haven't seen. Not sure I will, Gary Moore is likely perhaps. Of all the greats I want to see live or have enjoyed seeing live though - I will always eagerly await Glenn's tour dates and be there at as many as I can make! He is always mind blowing, every performance is different, each album is a progression from the last, he isn't selling a record companies concept when he sells albums, he is selling what he believes in, giving us his soul! Keep working, keep touring, keep writing, keep on being you xxxxx

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