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ok guys, this is good conversation and I'm trying to remember who said what. First of all, Frank said that amoung his list of people/bands that should retire was Fleetwood Mac. The moment I read that, I was thinking; "but wait, I just saw Lindsey Buckingham about 2 years ago and he was absolutely amazing. Then I saw Frank say basically the same thing, So, I agree that the band should maybe just take it easy, but Lindsey not only continues to put out really good new music, he pulls it off really well in concert. (Frank, did he do that wierd instrumental/vocal recorded thing in the middle of "Tusk" when you saw him? It's a shame that song got ommitted from the live package).
Todd, you mentioned "slide it in" and "Ready and Willin' as your 2 favorite 'Snake releases. As good as it is, "Slide it in only comes in at #4 for me , w/ Ready and Willin', Love Hunter and Come and Get It, in the 1st 3 slots.
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