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Enjoyed the post Todd.
Lemmy is amazing; I remember seeing him with Hawkwind in the early 70s during Space Ritual. Would never have guessed he would become what he has, an icon.
BOC are, well, starting to get a bit stale. Have seen them SOOO many times, yet there are too many tunes they don't do live anymore. Heaven Forbid was a wonderful album, yet they never play anything live anymore. Of course since Bobby R. left the back beat is not what I am used to from prior drummers with the band.
Heep is still amzing and ageless. Bernie Shaw is just fantastic as a front man, and Mick Box is one underrated guitarist. Love this band as much as the Byron days' lineup.
Ian Hunter, well, anyone who read my posts here knows what I think of Hunter. At 70 years of age (that's right 70), he still can outwrite, outperform and outplay so many of those younger classic rockers. Heck, he still looks much the same as he did 25 years ago. I think Ian Hunter is the finest songwriter of our era (at least MY era), and he just keeps going storng.
And let us not forget Iron Maiden and Bruce Dickinson. More energy from his performance than anyone I have seen in years. Just amazing he can keep doing what he does.

Then there is the other side of the coin:
I will make these short, but some bands just need to RETIRE ASAP
Santana, Clapton, The Who (or what masquerades as the Who), Ozzy, Foghat, Loverboy, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles...
Have seen these people perform in the "good old days", and some quite recently. I think retirement is a real good idea. One thing I will add to this list is some offshots from these people are still performing brilliantly; Lindsey Buckingham (Mac) and Gregg Rolie (Santana) still put on wonderful shows. In fact, Buckingham completely blew me away a couple of years ago for two nights while fighting a 102 fever.
That's about all for that.
On top of it all, I want to wish David a swift and complete recovery, but David, this is God's way of saying "you've had enough"
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