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Rather than cruisin' around Jersey, lost and confused ~
(we like to hassle tourists with out-of-state license plates )
might I suggest that you fax them first to see if they have what you want,
or walk in with your list, wave it around, and say "Whaddyagot Glenn Hughes?"

Send a "wish-list" fax to Sound Exchange.
It's a very small store in a strip mall, and Art, the owner has a unique method
of filing CDs. You need to know your rock family trees. Jon Lord, Tommy Bolin,
and evil Ian Gillan <-- are all filed under "Deep Purple." Ritchie Blackmore CDs
are under "Rainbow." If you want anything "Vandenberg" or the "3 M's," for example,
it's under "Whitesnake." You're better off telling them what you want. They'll probably
have it; you just won't know where they put it. And they have a lot of used CDs,
rock group books, and cassette tapes. Glenn has his own small section, under "Hughes."

Don't be fooled by the name Vintage Vinyl.
They've got a gazillion CDs, besides vinyl albums and records. But their filing system
is unique, too. DP is not filed under "Rock." You need "The Classic Rock" section.
And Trapeze is filed under "Alternative." (Alternative to what? I have no clue.)
I can't even begin to remember where they have the "Tangerine Dream" stuff.
I have to ask them to remind me where TD is, each time that I go there. Ha, ha.
This place is the biggest store of the 3. Send them a fax, too.

Call up Phil at Zig Zag Records......PERSONALLY.
Somehow try to work Glenn's Black Sabbath appearance at the Meadowlands,
in Jersey, into the conversation. Phil was there. He might then be able to figure out
that "Grace sent you." But he does have a Glenn Hughes autograph, made out
to him personally, proudly displayed and framed, and hanging on the center of the wall
right behing the cash register counter. Phil also has 331/3 record albums, and lots of
rock memorabilia. Like "KISS" dolls..........uh, I mean action figures.
Zig Zag is my favorite, because Phil tries to find, whatever is impossible to get.
Glenn should personally call up Phil.........for those hard-to-find Glenn Hughes CDs.

I hope that this information helps, oh Ohio person.
My husband was from the Youngstown, Poland, Boardman area.
__________________________________________________ _____________

FY ~
Sound Exchange is such a small store, and set so far back from the road that it's very
easy to miss as you drive by. And try to have 2 people pass each other in the aisle.

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