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purple, I love you.

But the street is spelled Bleecker Street.
(I grew up in the West Village on Downing Street,
located between Varick and Bleecker.......and Carmine
and West Houston. So I kinda' know the area.)

Poor "Pat the tourist" would go slightly crazy trying to do a Map Quest.
(smithy55 ~ If you print up a Glenn Hughes discography, and carry it with you at all times,
you'll at least know what you're looking for.'s a long list!)
__________________________________________________ ________________

Real record stores in Jersey? You betcha'

Zig Zag Records ~ (Make sure that you tell Phil di Benedetto that you're a GHCP!)
East Pointe Plaza
State Highway Route 36
Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey 07716
fax: 1-732-708-1820

Vintage Vinyl ~
51 Lafayette Road (parallel to Route 1 North)
Fords, New Jersey 08863
fax: 1-732-225-6948

Sound Exchange ~
1482 Route 23 North (2 miles north of the Willowbrook Mall)
Wayne, New Jersey 07470

PS..........I THINK.....that the Times Square Virgin Megastore has closed

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