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every time that i go to NY (including next weekend), i go to Bleaker Street Records. it's on Bleaker St. i take the "N" or the "R" to 8th st. , cut through Washington square park and i usually find Bleaker st. w/out much hassle. i think you go down Sutherland st (?) and that crosses Bleaker St., go right on Bleaker and it's not too far down on the right. They have a sign hanging on the front of the store. They also have a sister store a few blocks away from that. they can give you directions. i've been there too, but don't exactly remember how to get there. the 2nd store carries a little heavier music if i remember correctly, but definently check out the Bleaker st. location if you get down into the village area. then, there's always the Virgin super store @ time square. i'm sure that i'm going to Bleaker st. if you wanna hook up, message me and i'll give you my #. i'll be in town Fri.-Sun. (leaving Mon. morning)
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