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Originally Posted by toadsterama View Post
Almost there! I can't wait to hear this thing! I'm so glad that Glenn (and Roger Glover, in the case of the earlier Purple remasters) has taken the time to acknowledge his past, and made the effort to preserve it.

What's next? Do we dare hope for a remaster of Come Taste the Band? After all, it would be the only remaining album of the halcyon years of Deep Purple. Imagine if Glenn was involved again...and Jon Lord...maybe Coverdale and even Johnnie Bolin. What an amazing finish to the remaster series, with arguably the best of the MK III/MK IV bunch!


Indeed the DPAS has stated that work had begun on the CTTB remaster in the last DPAS crystall ball. But they never said they had found the multi traks so what they are working with??
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