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Two decades of The Blooz

Wow...has it been nearly 20 years since the release of "Still Got The Blues"? I can remember hearing a few cuts off that CD while visiting San Antonio...bought the CD when I got back to San Francisco. I seem to recall that there was a video done that chronicled the recording of the CD. Gary tells a story about playing his version of "Oh Pretty Woman" for Albert King....he made a mistake with the lyric; the line "Sure as the rising sun" came out as "She is the rising sun". Albert King stopped the tape and proceeded to chew Gary out for fudging the line, albeit in a good natured way... The visual of the somewhat diminutive Gary Moore next to the 6'4" Albert King must have been quite a sight!

I bought the follow up as well as the subsequent live CD but lost the trail after that.....I did pick up "Blues For Greeny" though; the cover of "The Super Natural" is killer..and played on the same guitar as the original version if I recall correctly.

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