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Originally Posted by wolfysmith View Post
Top Ten albums 2008 according to CR.

1 Black Ice AC DC
2 Death Magnetic Metallica
3 Chinese Democracy GnR
4 Folklore & Superstition Blackstone Cherry
5 Runnin Wild Airborne
6 Sparkle Lounge Def Leppard
7 Good To Be Bad Whitesnake
8 I loved You Big Linda
9 Revelation Journey
10 Saints of LA Motley Crue

What surprised me most was GnR didn't finish top considering they are obsessed with that band at CR.

Probably 'cuz the list was done months ago, as they have a habit of keepin' things laying around on desks Pleased to see Big Linda get a mention amongst the usual suspects.

Originally Posted by wolfysmith View Post
As Glenn isn't releasing a new studio album in 2009 then i expect to see these 2 in 2009's top lists....

Glenn Hughes - An Evening of Trapeze - Best Live Album, and Best DVD

And yeah I totally agree; no excuses next time, if the GH Bilston box set is not amongst the list
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