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On Ebay (where else) I found a seller who had a complete set left. He made me an offer of USD 150 including postage. Thats a fair deal considering it's rarerity. I've been told only 100 to 150 promo boxes in total were made. These 'promo' boxes are made by a Japanese company called Disk Union. It seems they have the rights to do so. When a new title is released they are all over Ebay ... but for a rather short time because when they are sold out the prices are starting to For instance: a promo box of Jethro Tull (without the cds) goes for + USD 300.00 .

After keeping an eye for the set on EBay for 9 months with no succes of finding one, I decided to e-mail most mini lp dealers. I found one dealer who only had the box and wanted to sell it for USD 50. The day after I found a Portugese dealer who had the whole set. The search was over
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