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Lightbulb How many copies of Glenn's albums have been sold?

Morning all - i guess this is a 'how long is a piece of string' question, in that it would be mighty difficult to get a robust answer. But i just wondered if the industry / glenn / glenns management would have a handle on how many units he's shifted from the albums in his solo career, say in the UK and Europe. I wonder how many, I also wonder which would be the biggest seller etc.

So to start the ball rolling, if there is anybody in the know!
  • How many copies (UK / Europe) has the current superb album shifted?
  • Which is Glenns most successful album in terms of sales?
Thanks for the forum btw - been a fan of Glenn's since I got Stormbringer in the late 80s and just entering into the 21st century with the world wide web!
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