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I also agree with James- but I think Tony really did his friend Glenn well on this album... For a guitar player's solo album- what do we hear -3 maybe four solos? And most of the solos are quite "quaint" with the exception of "I Go Insane". Of course Glenn is my all-time favorite musician/vocalist, but I am a huge fan of Tony Iommi's guitar playing and I could have stood more- longer Iommi solo's. But I think that "Fused" ended up as a really nice show case for Glenn's rock vocals- and I'm guessing that it was by Tony's choice. Glenn's melodies are stellar (as usual)- he did not just come up with the words you know! Tony is the riff master- and Glenn is a natural when it comes to laying down the words and melodies. And for some reason the "fusion" between these two musicians comes off magical. And I can't help but being tickled to hear an Iommi album with such a positive words and notions... our Glenn... the guy who put the funk in Purple, and Grace in Black!
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