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I'm afraid James is right. And while there have been the odd magazine interview or two that feature both Glenn and Tony, the two nationally broadcast clips that David put links up for both feature...wait for it...Tony Iommi. And let's not forget that huge blue logo in the middle of the "Fused" album cover, the one that says IOMMI. Glenn's name is on the cover with Tony's because they are longtime friends, and GH cowrote the songs. It's a partnership, sure, but not an even split like HTP was. It's weighted about 60/40 in Tony's favour, at least. I don't think Kenny Aronoff's name should be on the cover. If it was a trio called "HIA" or "IHA", sure. But he was just the drummer - he didn't write the songs, and he's not doing the promotion for the album. And that's why Jimmy Copley's name wasn't on the "DEP Sessions" cover, either.

I think Glenn's being treated fairly, and I'm happy to find a new Glenn Hughes-related album at my local Best Buy, Borders, etc for a change.

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