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Originally Posted by Grace
And not just because I'm a GHCP.
A Tony Iommi solo album would be 10 instrumental songs,
with a backing band of qualified session musicians.... Each is responsible for 1/3 of the sound coming out of the speakers. If Mr. Arnoff is good enough to be 1/3 of the sound, his name belonged on the "Fused" album cover, too.

I wonder how he felt when HE first saw the cover of "Fused?"
He probably said to himself: "What am I, the invisible man?"

I have to respectfully disagree there Grace. It's Iommi's album, depsite Glenn contributing. That does not make it a division of labour, nor does it make it a band project. Kenny and Glenn are present on there because they are exactly what you mentioned - session musicians.

The fact that Glenn wrote lyrics and played bass is neither here nor there. That's what he was hired to do, by Tony. That's why Glenn did three sets of vocals for Tony to pick what was best. It was Tony's call because it's Tony's album. If it was a fair division of work surely Glenn would have decided and wahey, we have a new power trio.

We know Iommi isn't a lyric writer. Yet check out Sabbath's "Eternal Idol" CD - it says all songs written by Tony Iommi. I'd bet my CD collection that Tony Martin was the man who put words to the riffs - he was brought in to do a job. There's no credit for whatever reason. Glenn isn't credited to any of the "Burn" album that I know he wrote on for contractual reasons. "Seventh Star" isn't a Sabbath album, it's an Iommi solo album. It had it's name changed to Sabbath to sell. It's what is best for marketing. Glenn was the hired voice, he was never meant to be a Sabbath vocalist. Glenn is not credited as to contributing anything to the writing of "Seventh Star" but I'm betting he did. That's the way of the business.

Glenn's name made the cover because he's a vocal legend and it's an extra push for Iommi, because people like me and quite possibly you will buy it for Glenn, not for Tony. Iommi and his management have called the shots right the way down the line, because like it or not, Iommi's name sells in bigger quantities than Glenn's in the rock circles. Put both together and now we got a stew going. But it's still Tony's CD. The sounds alone tells you that.

It's Iommi's management who rationed what samples of the CD were available online, and who got promos. The only reason "Fused" is in Fireworks this month is because I said I'd cover it because I had it. I love Glenn and I think Tony's ok, which is why I bought this album but not the previous Iommi solo CD. To be honest I'm delighted Glenn is getting publicity from this, but the bottom line is, he will have to make way for Tony because that's who's album it is. Not a band, not Sabbath, an Iommi solo CD.


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