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Originally Posted by James Gaden
Yes, but is listed in the Fused inlay booklet though,
so we can't complain really.

I was making a comment about this particular ad (advert).
And for them not to include GH's web sites next to the other two
~ you betcha' I'm gonna complain, James

Botton line is, this is a Tony Iommi SOLO album.

Nope. It isn't.
And not just because I'm a GHCP.
A Tony Iommi solo album would be 10 instrumental songs,
with a backing band of qualified session musicians.

It's not Iommi / Hughes,

So far, this is as close as you've come to winning a cigar.
If one wanted TO BE FAIR, it would be: Iommi/Hughes/Arnoff
It's not like you are dealing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
There are only three people here. Each is responsible for 1/3
of the sound coming out of the speakers. If Mr. Arnoff is good
enough to be 1/3 of the sound, his name belonged on the
"Fused" album cover, too.

I wonder how he felt when HE first saw the cover of "Fused?"
He probably said to himself: "What am I, the invisible man?"

So the fact Glenn has been pictured with Tony in some interviews,
has his website on the booklet and his name on the cover
are all major bonuses in my book.
Anybody remember what happened with the Alchemist?

SOME GH publicity compared to NO GH publicity.
Nope, that's no major bonus in my book.
You should get back what you put in.

But I still love 'ya, James
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