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Hello Grace,

Got sidetracked a bit the last few days...but that doesn't mean I was ignoring you!!

Regarding the RRHOF, what seemingly began as a heartfelt and sincere tribute to the founding fathers and groundbreakers of rockn'roll has been revealed for the back slapping old boy's network that is is. Every year the new list of inductees is announced and every year, the fans of many a deserving group are left to wonder " come* insert name of overlooked act here* didn't make the cut?" Be it Deep Purple, Grand Funk, Todd Rundgren,Black Sabbath.....the list is endless. Read the interview that our very own Todd Seely did with Steve Lukather and you get the picture...if you are "IN" with the "critics who would be gods" at "Rolling Stone"...your installment on Mt. Olympus is a sure thing...

Trapeze is in the only Hall Of Fame that matters....that of the fans who bought the records and have fond memories of gigs they attended...

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