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Icon34 The Trapeze Story

All sorts of great the rest of the world will be able to understand what all of us here have known for so long....just how special Trapeze really were!!

I was also touched when I read of Mel being presented with a guitar....I always thought Mel was one of the unsung heroes of the guitar; he had that hard funkiness to his playing and I also loved the tone he deveoped around the time of You Are The Music... There are times when he reminded me of the late, great Paul Kossoff...check out his Leslie drenched soloing on the track "Time Wil Heal" from the Hold On LP. We certainly can't forget his yeoman work on Play Me Out either.Mel was one of those players who didn't try to blind you with flash...instead he made every note count and his solos on "What Is A Woman's Role" and "Will Our Love End" are lyrical and sweet. And talk about trying to fill a huge pair of shoes as a lead singer... I thought Mel did a fabulous job on the LP's as the lead singer and especially love the way he and Pete Goalby sang together!

I was surfing through one of those rock memorabillia sites and they had pictures of a black Les Paul Custom that once belonged to Mel and was also used by Budgie guitarist John Thomas....some collector has it in his may very well be the one you see in the sleeve pics of "Dead Arrmadillos" and the 1976 self-titled LP.

I know that Mel has had to struggle with his arm injury over the years and I am so glad that the Trapeze story will be we can let everyone in on one of the best kept secrets in rock!!

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