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Smile Mel Galley - Exclusive!

Here’s a bit of luck!

To pass the time while waiting to have my hair cut last week (which one ? laughs my wife), I picked up the previous week’s edition of a local free newspaper which I don’t receive– The Cannock & Rugeley Chronicle.

Flicking through I came across this headline accompanied by a picture of Mel Galley:

Rockers Trapeze to bounce back in USA

Here is the text:

A cult 1970’s band, with two members from Cannock, is to make the headlines again across The Pond. American journalists are working on a book that will tell the tale of Trapeze, the rock group that featured Mel Galley and Glenn Hughes.
The trio had hits spanning more than 10 years, but after three albums, bassist Glenn left to front Deep Purple and when Trapeze ended Mel became a member of Whitesnake.

Two months ago Mel received a phone call from ex-manager Tony Perry, who lives in Wolverhampton, that journalists from America had been in touch and wanted to fly over for an interview.

It took place at the Wheatsheaf (a local pub) in Laney Green where Mel and brother Tom, who wrote a lot of the songs, re-lived old times.

Mel said he was asked about how they wrote and recorded songs and musicians they played with.

"They wanted general information about the band and I think for a rock fan it will be nice to read with lots of photos," he added. "Although we weren’t that big in England we used to do 30,000 sell out shows in America. I thought it would only be an hour but we started filming at about 1pm and I didn’t leave until after 6pm. I was the first one they had seen but I think they are doing the same with Glenn who lives in L.A. They want me to go out to America later in the year and record a solo album, which I am going to do. My wife wants me to do it because she has never been to New York."

And as a thank-you for taking part in the interview, Mel was presented with a brand new guitar. He only had one, which he had given to his 11 year old son Lucas for Christmas. "I couldn’t believe it, I was overwhelmed," said the 56 year old, who also has another son Marcus aged 31.

"They said that they had heard I hadn’t got a guitar and would I mind if they bought me one? They said it would be a pleasure if they could get me one because I never asked for anything for doing the interview."

Mel moved back to Cannock last year after living in London for more than 15 years and married Annette at the town’s register office.

He said, "I like Cannock. I like walking and come April I will be doing 20 miles a day in the woods. I used to come up to see dad, and my mum when she was alive, but things had changed. It was nice to come home although the way the roads had changed I had got no idea where I was going!"

Rather than pinch the paper from the Barber's I had to go to 2 newsagents and two estate agents (they give it away because its full of houses for sale) before I could get hold of a copy of the paper and bring all you fellow GHPGers the story.

Do I get a prize David?

Chip, I’ve saved the paper for you buddy

Grace, you could meet Mel at the airport

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