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Rock 'N' Load

Each song flows beautifully from one to another and before you know it you're on a fast track towards the finale. An album dripping in thick groove-laden tracks, rich in only the finest Blues Rock song writing...

Rock and Blues Muse

Glenn Hughes' vocal performances on BCCIV are, in a word, incredible. It’s all testament to Hughes's reluctance to rest on his heydey laurels, instead integrating the styles of vocalists his own music has influenced. It helps give BCCIV a feeling of melodic completeness on a masterly record that pulls in a stunning array of genres, eras, and influences.

Metal Discovery

This is how rock music is supposed to sound. Alive and vibrant! It's everything you'd want from a new BCC album... and then some. Beefy rock riffs; succulently warm and heartfelt guitar leads/solos; a solid and engaging rhythmic backbone of perfectly fused bass and drums; ever-interesting keyboards; and, of course, "The Voice of Rock". It's all here, once again. Oh, and some first-class songwriting that both plays to their classic rock and blues-biased strengths, while injecting a few other seamlessly blended elements (notably, prog and folk feature here and there). There's no "cashing-in" reunion going on here... this is BCC back, doing what they did, and evidently still do, best.
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