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Ork 9 Medusa "last seconds of the song"

I compared the "fade-out" of Medusa-the song from the recent Ork 9 CD Remaster from 2008 with the original CD version from 1994 (Threshold) and the GH-Anthology "1970-2007" CD version from 2007 (Castle/Sanctuary).

For my tho cents on this, the Ork Remaster is louder and crisper as the other two versions, the song is cut 3 to 4 seconds longer. I don't think the fade-out is harsher or not well remastered. Although I would say it is somewhat more abrupt. I think this comes from the overall louder level.

The Ork CD is definately better than the THS 1994 and better than the Castle 2007. But against the Japan-Universal 2006 version I could not test, because I don't own it. Just will have another look at YouTube.

What would the others say?
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