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Wow. I cut my teeth on this as a kid in the 80s, thanks to Mr. Thrall I had a lot of good years on a solid foundation. Had to stop playing for about a decade, now I am returning and I'm disappointed that this incredible book is really impossible to find because I wanted to really start over from scratch. This book is very highly sought, you know. Mr. Thrall might want to Kindle it or re-release it and make some buckage? Please? Anyway, from what I've heard in rock for the last decade (and I'll get flamed for this) the world really needs this book, as rock guitar has mutated from a soulful expression of a person's innermost creative soul into an exercise in playing harmonic minor scales and arpeggios as fast you can in a 'ticky-ticky' like manner. When my kids want to learn to play, this is the book I want to hand them.

Thanks for posting this, though I have to think of 8 more things to say before I can see it I guess. Is the book here, the tunes, both?
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