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Given that a major raison d'Ítre behind California Breed's genesis was for Glenn and Jason to finally have a band that they could tour together, I think Bonham's departure pretty much killed the whole thing; in essence the band was more or less DOA by the opening day of their tour.

They bravely made a go of it with Joey Castillo but, when even he couldn't commit to all of the band's gigs, (the band's drum tech played in his stead), things became somewhat farcical.

Like some others here, I had a hard time coming to terms with the album at first, but I really came to like it, and I have to say that the material really shone when played live - irrespective of who was behind the kit.

Seeing the effort Glenn and Andrew put into bringing the songs to life onstage, I found myself hoping that they might find a viable way forward, but in talking to Glenn I know that even now "new things are in the pipe", so 2015 will surely bear new fruit for us all to enjoy.

In the meantime, California Breed joins a proud collection of work in Glenn's catalog as a whole, taking a deserved place alongside other notable short term endeavors like Hughes/Thrall, Face the Truth and the albums that Glenn recorded with Tony Iommi.

Goodbye CB, hello to the future...
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