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ok, we're talking about the "superband" BCC and certainly it is.
The musicians are superb, the creative input is a flowing river, no doubt.

But seems to me the difference between a band and a bandproject should be seen clear by smart and expierienced artists.
Ok, managers don't think in long distances this time, but the deal would be greater if the building of a legend like BCC would stand on solid ground.

The quality of the songs, production, playing, performing is one thing, on the other hand a band should grow together.
A successful solocareer is wonderful, but the chance to play in a real band, a monsterrockband like Rolling Stones or Deep Purple is much better.

I never criticised something about BCC on this forum yet, i love this band,
and i don't want to be part of any negative energy for them as a fan.
But i must say i'm disappointed about the missing tour-activity, and i think I'm not alone here.
Glenn twittered "the trilogy is complete", but i hope really they will come on strong again in the next time.
Hanging around, spending time together, have some fun, maybe some silly stuff, but please act like a band not a bandproject!

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