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My deluxe version arrived on Tuesday and so far played it once in full and loud on my big hifi at home and a couple of times in the car.

the hardest thing about reviewing the album is that every track is so damn good!

i havent got a favourite as such (yet) but have found myself singing the "whooa oh oh oh ohohohohoh oh" bit non-stop! trust me, when you hear it you'll know what i mean.

there is simply no weak track and i love the female vocals on "All Falls Down".

with a lot of albums there is always a standout track, catchy riff/hook or amazing solo that really grab you but this seems to just be 13 well written and thought out songs with great playing and vocals rather than 2 great, 3 good 3 average and a couple of fillers you''l jump past on the next play.

Glenn's live singing while playing the tracks has i think made the difference as its just like a live gig where every breath he sings is "in the now" and from the soul rather than too thought out and premeditated.

the same goes for Jason. he's playing hard and fast as if a live gig rather than holding back looking for click track perfection.

as for Andrew Watt - do believe the hype! a great meaty & dirty sound from the guitar with real crunch. there are times where i get a bit of Marc Bolan or Mick Ronson but otherwise its a sound all of his own and that is going to be a real trade mark for him.

the branding/packaging of the cd is excellent and both my wife an daughter like the whole look of it. Expect a lot of merch sales!

the only "small" criticism i can think of is that some of the lyrics in the booklet are too small to read clearly! could just be my eyesight.

Overall then - this easily matches ANYTHING Glenn has been involved in.

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