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Phenomena Anthology due June 2019.

This release includes an alternate (12 inch mix of 'Still The Night')
I presume this is the same mix that came out on vinyl back in '85?
I have never heard it by the way.
Is it radically different from the original studio cut?
Is it more Rock flavoured with more Guitars and less Keyboards (ever the optimist!)?

This Anthology set features some long out of print tunes like 'Assassins Of The Night'.
I presume it is the same mix as before?
As I alluded too in an earlier post,it would be great to get the versions where Mel Galley handles lead vocals (demos)
These are surely worthy of an official release?
A Phenomena Box set with all the remixes new (21 Century) and old are put together in one place for the fans wanting to get their fill of this great project.

Just needs Tom Galley to put a Phenomena Concert together with Glenn Hughes involved.
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