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This is a very interesting thread to me. I noticed an old outdated one from a few years back, and i almost started a new thread myself, but waited too long and purplemusic beat me to it. Lots of great stuff mentioned so far.

I just recently obtained my copy of Hughes/Downes "Work Tapes".
(In anticipation of the new release, i've been listening to a lot of Glenn's other cd's lately too.)
I finally got my copy of Ken Hensley's "Blood On The Highway". (I was way behind on buying that one. I don't have much extra money these past few years.)
I've been jammin' Robin Trowers lastest releases a bunch. Seven Moons, Another Days Blues, Living Out Of Time- the studio release and the live dvd. (He is my personal favorite.)
Just bought Dug Pinnick's new one "Strum Sum Up", listened to it 3 times so far, and awaiting the new King's X release.
Porcupine Tree "We Lost The Skyline" and "Nil Recurring" - Nil is pretty hard stuff.
Alvin Lee "Saguitar" - recommended for all 10 Years After/Alvin fans. It has 3 great new blues tunes and some jammers as well. By the way, Ten Years After "Now" cd is good also-even without Alvin.
Paul Rodgers "Live In Glasgow"
Ian Hunter "Rant"
Gov't Mule "High & Mighty"- i didn't go for the newer reggae versions release, sorry.
I have the new UFO "Monkey Puzzle" but enjoyed the previous release better: "You Are Here".
Kenny Wayhne Shepherd "The Place You're In" (2004 release). - i don't have the new blues cd/dvd release just yet.
Eagles new 2cd (i have to be in the right mood for this one, it's pretty mellow).
I'm into some other genres too such as americana/bluegrass/folk styles.
Railroad Earth live 2cd "Elko"
Donna The Buffalo live 2cd "The Great American Ballroom" (great down to earth festival band-check them out on myspace, etc)
Yonder Mountain String Band "Mountain Tracks Vol. 4" - another great festival favorite.
DJ & TT ( Donna Jean & The Tricksters- Donna sang in the Grateful Dead in the 70's, and the Zen Tricksters are a current Grateful Dead tribute band, now both are together making music, and just released their first cd.) --Yes, i'm an old deadhead, and i miss Jerry
I have cd's scattered all over the place and i could go on & on.
I listened to an old Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies cd the other day, some Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band, Moody Blues live 2cd "Lovely To See You".
Ever heard of Jupiter Coyote? They are very smooth, kinda like a "pickin' " Allman Brothers style. The Guitarist put a banjo neck on a guitar body.
I still don't have the new David Gilmour yet, some things i have to keep putting off.
I'm looking forward to getting the new Whitesnake, the new Candlebox, the new Heep in June, and the new U2 in October.
I just found out Paul Rodgers w/Queen release an album Sept 1st.
I like some country too, but i've already said more than my share.
Can you tell i'm a huge music lover ??

...everyday, wheels are turnin'
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