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I don't have a CD player at home but I do have one in the car which is where my listening is done these days. I have been immersing myself in The Move and the 40th Anniversary reissues of their catalog. The 2 CD release of their debut is amazing; these guys could do anything from pure pop to doo wop to psychedelia and they even found the original stereo mixes and a boatload of extras. "Shazam", their second LP is fabulous; killer originals and imaginative cover material make for a great listen. "Message From The Country" their final LP sees Roy Wood, Jeff Lynne and Bev Bevan swinging from gritty rhythm and blues to 50's pastiches to tunes that echo John Lennon and probably influenced Todd Rundgren just a bit!

Other selections that have gotten major airtime on the road;

Frank Marino - From The Hip
Pete Townshend - Gold
Robin Trower and Jack Bruce - Seven Moons
Govt Mule - High And Mighty
Govt Mule - Mighty High...some of the reggae grooves on this will cave in your head!
Free - Live
Ann Wilson - Hope And Glory
Glenn Hughes - Live In Australia
Pat Travers - Power Trio 2
Mountain - Over The Top

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