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Lightbulb What are you listening to ?

hey folks,
i hope that everybody is having a lovely day. i thought that i'd take a moment and tell some of you what other's of you already know... Jeff Kollman rocks ! I've bought a couple of his albums recently and have really enjoyed the stuff. I'm listening to "Guitar Screams Live" a good bit right now and have made a misc. cd w/ some of the cuts on there such as "clap hands", "fool for you stockings" , "shredding skin" and"creepy spider". i also recently got Cosmosquad "live at the Baked Potato" and that is very good as well. when i wear these two out, i see that Jeff has a few more available on i-tunes, and i'll pick another one to jam to next. the song "oops i spilled my beer" from jeff and chad's new band, the meatbats is also very cool.
also something of interest to folks here i would think is Joe Lynn Turner. I just bought his "Holy Man" cd and have really been enjoying that as well.
so, brothers and sisters, while we await the arrival of our beloved FUNK, i just thought i'd throw a few other things out there for your consideration. so that's what i've been listening to, what about you ?
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