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Originally Posted by toadsterama
Grace, those wheels just keep on turning...

No, Todd, you have me confused with "Proud Mary."

Listen......if Mel Galley takes up this invitation and walks over to Paul's house,
and gets on the GHPG chat, would you rather hear dopey questions from us fans
of his work, or would you rather hear GREAT TRAPEZE STORIES from Mel and Glenn
as they reminisce about the old days?
(Ask Chip this question - see what answer you get.)

"My wheels" only work toward:

* "You Keep On Moving 2" (The GH / DC collaboration album.)

* An all-line-ups Deep Purple reunion concert, so that the
publicity from this event would help toward giving DP the
recognition that I feel has never been sufficiently given to them
for their 35 years plus continuing contribution torock and roll.

* And......finally being able to use ANOTHER coffee cup each morning.

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