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Originally Posted by james carl
Give Mel a message from his fans.
We listen to his music because it was that good.
Sure we remember. Thanks Mel.
Good luck with getting a full recovery to your hand.

What he said.

Originally Posted by wolfysmith
Ask Mel if he wants to do a "Chat"on here.
I live in Cannock and he can do it from here
if he's up for it.

Oh great.
ANOTHER "GHCP Trainee" like that Hughes guy

Yep, wolfysmith, Mel does the talking, and you do the typing.
Hey.......maybe BOTH Mel and Glenn could go on the CHAT
together at the same time, and we "the audience" could listen,
as the two of them discuss how "THEY ARE THE BAND."
(An electronic Trapeze reunion! Kind of........)

Sounds good to me.
And thanks, Ad, for posting this.
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