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>>>And I have to ask - can you truly be a rocker and not ever wear jeans? It's either denim or leather, one or the other. >>>

I prefer leather and wear a LOT of it.

>>>>As for the Gold Coast, I don't know why everyone is worried about the place. It's an older hotel, owned by the same people as the Barbary Coast on the strip. Gold Coast is across the street from the Rio, and just down from the Palms. (It's not something I'd attempt walking in spiked heels - that's more suited for sneakers...which go great with jeans!) >>>

How far do you estimate? I am serious...1/2 mile?

>>>>It's not quite as nice as either of those other properties, from what I can remember. I believe I've only ever been in the Gold Coast once, about ten years ago. And it appears to cater as much to locals as it does to tourists, much like the Station casinos.>>>

I am concerned about AC and CLEAN. I do not care what the bedspread looks like. When I only plan to sleep a couple hours it makes no difference but with no AC or with a filthy bathroom I would truly skieve out.

>>>Hope there's a good group of us GHCP's at the GH show AND the "alleged" (a nod to Grace) JLT show. >>>

I wish I was able to go to GH's event. Maybe if there is a last minute cheap flight I can swing it. But...with the family going to Indiana for my graduation it will be tough. We'll see.

>>>Lastly, Lisa you have pulled off a Masters in the midst of all the other stuff you do? You indeed are 'The Master'. >>>

Todd...thanks for your very kind words. They are much appreciated.

>>>>Todd comments to Lisa - 'It's not something I'd attempt walking in spiked heels.' Lisa, if Todd's in spiked heels then I want a picture on here for all to see! >>>>

LOL!!! Perhaps we can get him in the festive enough mood to have him put on some heels ;-)...just kidding, Todd ;-) although I secretly believe EVERY man on the planet needs to experience 24 hours of the constraint and discomfort of an underwire bra, pantyhose and heels to know what we ladies go through to look sexy for "the guys."

>>>And congratulations indeed Lisa - you clever girl! SHIRL>>>

Thanks so much Shirl. It was not easy. I am just glad it is over!

Take Care,
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