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John Writes:

>>>Am looking forward to this....and Lisa when is JLT's date....I will be there for that also.>>>

Not confirmed but slated to happen in Spring 2004. Check or

Chip...Thanks for the Congrats! It was rough to do the Masters and 2 additional full time jobs at the same time. LOL about your comments!! To me..if there is AC and if the roach count is below 1 per room a 2 hour nap (all I will have time for ;-) cannot possibly be THAT painful if it is right across the street. means I will not have to drive the rental car over there . Does anyone know how far in terms of distance this
"motel" is from The Palms? Is is OK to walk and not lose all makeup in transit? Can I navigate the distance is spike heels without colapsing? I am not joking Those of you who know me know I am not one to wear sweat pants and jeans. Have not worn jeans since I was 12 years old

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