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A few things...
First....I am bumming a bit. I thought I would be able to make it to Vegas for the GH show but I am getting my Masters degree (1st Masters, 3rd college degree overall that weekend. My Grandfather is in his 90s and plans to attend the ceremony as well as many family members so as much as I would love to go the show it does not seem possible.

Second...Todd...I sent you an email and hope you got it. I hope to be able to clear my schedule to go to JLT's scheduled date at The Palms. But, I will fly in and fly out the next day. I plan to party all night so my room will just end up being a "hair and makeup fix up" room. As long as there are not a lot of bugs crawling around, the bathroom is clean and the bed sheets are washed so I can nap for a couple hours I am good. Is this place across from the Palms THAT BAD?!? Do they have AC? If I have to kill 1 roach I can deal but more than 1 roach I might skeeve out. Todd or any Vegas people please advise ;-)

I mean this when I say I will be in and out if I go to the JLT thing


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