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Icon33 Las Vegas April 12th

On Monday, April 12th, GLENN will be performing in the Palapa Lounge at The Palms Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can use the above link to keep an eye-out when tickets will go on sale via TicketMaster or if you are close by to the venue, you can purchase them at the Palms Gift Shop within the hotel.

To reserve a room you can call toll free at 866-942-7770.

More details will follow, but we can tell you the venue holds approx. 100 people and GLENN will be on between 9:00PM-9:30PM. There might be an opening support band prior to that, who would start at 8:00PM.

If The Palms proofs too expensive for you, there is a hotel across the street called The Gold Coast. It's a dive by all accounts, but is a room
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