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what you're writing about Blackmore is exactly the same that i think Katy. For me Blackmore is an outstanding person in the whole Rockn' Roll world, a higly sensual and serious artist not accepting musical limits or mediocre work from others and himself.
He's a kind of knight indeed and like a renaissance artist a seeker for beauty.
His love for classical stuff or oriental scales and the way he mixes it with blues is breathtaking. I saw him in august in a concert last time and he was so great.
He knows what he wants, and what he doesn't, that's a reason for some people to talk bad about him i think.
Like you i'd say the bad stories has been told by people who couldn't witness what they were telling.
Tommy Bolin had a complete different attitude, but he was able to play very agressive like Blackmore did.
That was important for Purple, perhaps Gary Moore could have done it also, but i never had this idea before.
For me Gary Moore was always the great bluesplayer, and i heard he never liked space for improvisations, which always was essential for Purple.
But we'll never know.

CTTB is a superb sounding album, yes of course.
I never get tired of hearing, the musicland studiosound from Birch is perfect.
It was not necessary to make a new mix of it, but...!!
It's because of Kevin Shirley did with it, he pointed a new view.
For me it's only a luxury additive to the original mix, nothing instead of the old one.
Interesting is to hear first CTTB Shirley mix and than BCC 1

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