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Yes, I can understand you completely, Sigurd. Blackmore is Blackmore and it is hard or even impossible to compare someone with him, playing-wise and even more composer-wise. Beside all that, that certain "image" that many people still have in their heads (and the disliking of it), is not even close to how he really is. None of these people who bash on him have met him in person, so its usually 3rd hand information. The real Ritchie Blackmore (even if he may have been a bit wilder in the 70's ...but who was not?) is far from that image. He is a very witty, soft-spoken man who knows what he wants. Far from the "monster" that many think he is. Its just ridiculous, trust me.

When people compare them, well, to compare Blackmore with Bolin, is like comparing apples with oranges. You just can't do that. Tommy comes from a different musical background, has other preferences and a whole different style of playing, technically and harmonically as well. Same as you can't compare Steve Morse with Blackmore as well.

Tommy was an amazing player when he felt comfortable and he wrote some really musically beautiful stuff. I always recommend everyone to listen to his solo albums. These are no albums of a guitar hero. These are albums full of beautiful songs, with many interesting bits and pieces here and there and a very soft voice as well. A great musician.

Although not the best for Purple, as well as Gallagher would not have fit to Purple too (as it was discussed to ask him as well back then).

Do you know who I always could have imagined in Purple? A real successor for Blackmore?

Gary Moore!

Similar to Blackmore in writing style and playing style as well, similar personality, strong personality, exceptional gifted and talented player and composer and surely strong enough to fit in Blackmore's shoes AND to make his own footsteps.

Unfortunately, this will never happen anymore anyway.

With Gary we lost one of the very greatest. Greater, than most people do realise.

Speaking about CTTB, I must say that I am not a fan of the remix by Kevin Shirley. Maybe it is also because I was used to that album for so long (in the way it originally sounds). I always considered CTTB as having a brilliant sound by default already, maybe one or THE best sounding Purple record from back in the day. Strong bass by Glenn (btw, the bass sounds very similar and the drums too on Jon Lord's "PAL", Paice-Ashton & Lord, simply because it was recorded in the same studio, Musicland in Munich, now defunct), amazing drum sound (and probably some of Ian's best drumming at all) and a great guitar sound as well.

Just like John, I must say that for me there is a bit too much compression. But that is just personal taste, of course.

However, in my humble opinion I don't see much sense in all this "remixing fashion" anyway, except of a good way to earn some additional revenues (which probably have been lost in the regular sales figures of record companies).
Why not just leaving something, some piece of art (which music is), just as it is?

Why not taking it as a document of its time and cherish it in the way it has always been there?

Would someone come to the idea to rewrite Shakespeare's MacBeth, just to make it "sound more modern"? Certainly not.

I'm sorry but to me a record from 1973 is what it is: A record from 1973. And not something some freaks have fumbled around with, some 30 years later. As well as you are usually not allowed to change words in a writers transcript, you are not allowed to change "notes" in a musical piece. The "mix" of it, as being part of the final result of a song, is part of that too.

But this is just my personal view on that. People can agree or disagree. There are 7 billion people and probably 7 billion views on it. And each of them knows best...

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