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A miracle happened last thursday and I got my Phoenix set. I did buy the US edition, and for all those who have region problems, I assure you itīs region 0!

To be honest I was expecting a bit more of this. The doc is interesting but seems more like a Glenn HUghes bio rather than a Purple Doc. Itīs surprising to see Glenn talking about his drug habits all the time, since he not long ago complained that the CTTB reissue booklet only spoke about that! It IS a real shame, as other reviewers have stated, that Tommy Bolin is actualy barely seen or talked about. Nobody speaks about his origins, technique, what made his playing special and different from Blackers.

The Trapeze footage is awesome...anybody knows what song is? There is some mark IV 8mm footage (not synched), and my guess it is one of the english dates. The jakarta footage is interesting and a bit raw. There is also small fragments of footage of the band relaxing at the hotel room, studio footage, sundbury thinks when are we going to see all of this films in their entire form!? Today Simon at the DPAS mentioned that some half an hour concert pro shot footage from MAryland in early 76 was left off, and it is not known if this has audio or not. With all these new and rare films popping out from nowhere, it is even more frustrating to know that the most "official" mk IV film from the Tokyo 75 is missing.

Finally, calling "rare live tracks" some that have come out in now 4 official releases (Last concert in japan, Live in Tokyo 75, Foxbat and the new LOng beach 76) is just ridiculous. INstead we were promised some Springfield tracks. Letīs hope for a complete Springfield or Liverpool release in the future.

I wish Simon could get more involved in the production of these archive dvds (like copenhagen and Cal Jam) so whe are not left with the ambiguous and mixed feelings that these releases are just OK, but not a masterpiece like the Led Zeppelin dvd.
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