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Forever Young, you're so, so right.

I've been following Joe Bonamassa for a few years now, and got to see him perform when he came through town a year and a half ago. He is amazing. Truly. I have two of his live DVD's, all of his albums and even the Bloodline CD that came out years ago before he became a solo recording artist. It seems like each new Bonamassa CD is better than the last. The guy has got passion, soul and chops like nobody's business. Black Country may be touched by the blues, but it is not going to be a blues band. Just as Glenn will bring a bit of funk to the proceedings, but it will not be a funk band. I have every confidence that Black Country is going to be a piledriving, guitarnormous, rifftastic wall of sound with a touch of funk, a touch of blues and a whole lot of hard rock thunder. I'm picturing a mix of Deep Purple, Grand Funk and Led Zeppelin.

Have faith. Joe is not a snoozer like Clapton, or a Stevie Ray clone like Kenny Wayne Shepherd. He's not painting with a limited palette of sounds and style. He's the greatest player to come along in recent memory, and he's gonna kick your collective arses
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