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I think some of you are selling Joe short here. I wasn't very familar with him either but I started looking deeper into this guy since Glenn is involved.

He is nothing short of brilliant!! Ver very much in the same way Glenn is. In fact I can't think of an artist who has made me feel that way since I got hooked on Glenn's stuff. His albums are all a different flavor from one another too. He's an amazing guitarist and I for one am glad he didn't link up with one of these older guys just because of a name. This guy is NOW and he keeps getting better. He is considered widely as one of the absolute best guitar player, blues/rock artists in the world if not the best.

I am beyond stoked about this becuase there is so much talent with this band and the possibilities are limitless. It's funny because they are saying the same things about Glenn over at his board. You know "how could Joe get involved with this guy, he's no star etc etc." But they don't know about Glenn and haven't given him a chance. Of course some have.

Take a better look at who Glenn is playing with and I think you'll be excited. I know I am. Plus now I have more great music to listen too! It's THAT good!!!
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