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Originally Posted by chrisloeb View Post
That's interesting - I never heard about that until now. Common knowledge was that Brush Shiels, Skid Row's bass player in the 70s, sued the American band claiming the name unsuccesfully. I never knew that Moore was involved. I thought the name belonged to Brush Shiels. Might be a matter of bad editing on wikipedia though?

As for the Black Country band name... I think this will have been sorted out when the band is being officially announced Or - as Todd suggests - Glenn & Co. can still call the band Black Cloud, or even Black Country Side - an excellent band called Black Mountain is already out there, you know...


I remembered reading that quote from Bach in an interview, which is why I looked it up. So, I think the wikipedia entry is accurate, though who knows if Bach's memories of the deal are! As far as the band name, I don't like any band name that starts with "Black". I was just discussing this with someone last month. Not only with classic rock, but with all the new indie bands (like Black Mountain), there are just waaaay too many bands with Black in their name now! But, at least this has some meaning to the band (since it refers to the area Glenn and Jason grew up in). I really don't care, though - it sounds like it will be a pretty cool project no matter what they call it!
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